Earthquakes Near Foresthill, CA.



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Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 2.0 or greater within 300 mi
Update time = Sun, 22-May-2022 10:31am PDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Local Time Link
5 mi E of Alum Rock, CA 2.3 00002817 mi 1653230262Sun, 22-May-2022 2:37pm map
1 mi SW of San Juan Bautista, CA 2.9 00006440 mi 1653225593Sun, 22-May-2022 1:19pm map
5 mi WSW of Grapevine, CA 2.6 000376234 mi 1653207983Sun, 22-May-2022 8:26am map
1 mi ESE of The Geysers, CA 2.0 000178111 mi 1653202406Sun, 22-May-2022 6:53am map
2 mi S of San Juan Bautista, CA 2.1 00006742 mi 1653200897Sun, 22-May-2022 6:28am map
3 mi NW of The Geysers, CA 2.5 000184115 mi 1653196349Sun, 22-May-2022 5:12am map
9 mi WSW of Toms Place, CA 3.4 000284176 mi 1653183030Sun, 22-May-2022 1:30am map
15 mi NE of Alum Rock, CA 2.0 00004427 mi 1653137424Sat, 21-May-2022 12:50pm map
11 mi ESE of Hayfork, CA 2.6 000371230 mi 1653120672Sat, 21-May-2022 8:11am map
1 mi WNW of Round Valley, CA 2.4 000301187 mi 1653099711Sat, 21-May-2022 2:21am map
2 mi NNW of Pinnacles, CA 2.3 00011068 mi 1653088062Fri, 20-May-2022 11:07pm map
32 mi W of Petrolia, CA 2.6 000425264 mi 1653084687Fri, 20-May-2022 10:11pm map
5 mi WNW of Johannesburg, CA 2.5 000438272 mi 1653070250Fri, 20-May-2022 6:10pm map
7 mi SSW of Ferndale, CA 3.0 000408254 mi 1653063635Fri, 20-May-2022 4:20pm map
7 mi SSW of Ferndale, CA 2.2 000408253 mi 1653061835Fri, 20-May-2022 3:50pm map
6 mi NE of Coso Junction, CA 2.0 000391243 mi 1653046696Fri, 20-May-2022 11:38am map
25 mi S of Qualeys Camp, NV 2.6 000316196 mi 1653034609Fri, 20-May-2022 8:16am map
5 mi WSW of Petrolia, CA 2.5 000394245 mi 1653027368Fri, 20-May-2022 6:16am map
11 mi SE of Lone Pine, CA 2.0 000373232 mi 1653006283Fri, 20-May-2022 12:24am map
24 mi ESE of Shaver Lake, CA 2.6 000277172 mi 1652985822Thu, 19-May-2022 6:43pm map
1 mi SSW of Walker, CA 2.2 000261162 mi 1652969107Thu, 19-May-2022 2:05pm map
7 mi SE of Pinnacles, CA 2.0 00012577 mi 1652968990Thu, 19-May-2022 2:03pm map
11 mi SE of Lone Pine, CA 2.0 000373232 mi 1652955775Thu, 19-May-2022 10:22am map
3 mi S of San Juan Bautista, CA 2.5 00006842 mi 1652935632Thu, 19-May-2022 4:47am map
2 mi NW of The Geysers, CA 2.0 000183114 mi 1652923110Thu, 19-May-2022 1:18am map
6 mi W of Furnace Creek, CA 2.6 000460286 mi 1652888872Wed, 18-May-2022 3:47pm map
30 km S of Mina, Nevada 2.5 000358222 mi 1652830608Tue, 17-May-2022 11:36pm map
4 mi WNW of The Geysers, CA 2.0 000185115 mi 1652809889Tue, 17-May-2022 5:51pm map
5 km SSE of Gardnerville Ranchos, Nevada 2.3 000268166 mi 1652797039Tue, 17-May-2022 2:17pm map
20 mi WNW of Petrolia, CA 2.7 000415258 mi 1652718283Mon, 16-May-2022 4:24pm map
9 mi ENE of Lake Isabella, CA 2.7 000377234 mi 1652715398Mon, 16-May-2022 3:36pm map
3 mi SSE of Coso Junction, CA 2.0 000392243 mi 1652697067Mon, 16-May-2022 10:31am map

32 earthquakes found. Click on location or map links for more details from the USGS

Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.

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