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  Weather Station Status
This page shows the current status of the weather software used in the operation of this website.

The current data and time is: Dec 07, 2022 - 5:08:04 AM

Application File Frequency Last Upload Time Elapsed Status
Cumulusrealtime.txt10 Seconds12/07/22 05:07:57 PST7 secCurrent
CumulusP2realtime.txt10 Seconds12/07/22 05:08:00 PST4 secCurrent
CU-Gengen.txt10 Seconds12/07/22 05:08:00 PST4 secCurrent
Gaugesrealtimegauges.txt10 Minutes12/07/22 05:05:04 PST3.0 minCurrent
CU-MainCU-stats.php5 Minutes12/07/22 05:05:07 PST3.0 minCurrent
clientrawclientraw.txt15 Seconds12/07/22 05:07:57 PST7 secCurrent
WDtagstesttags.php5 Minutes12/07/22 05:05:10 PST2.9 minCurrent
FH Statsfh_stats.php10 Minutes12/07/22 05:06:12 PST1.9 minCurrent
SWNstickertags.htm10 Minutes12/07/22 05:05:11 PST2.9 minCurrent
Fire StickerVWS_stickertags.txt10 Minutes12/07/22 05:05:22 PST2.7 minCurrent
VWSVWS-gen.txt2 Minutes12/07/22 05:07:12 PST52 secCurrent
VWSwflash.txt10 Seconds12/07/22 05:08:02 PST2 secCurrent
VWSwflash2.txt60 Seconds12/07/22 05:07:53 PST11 secCurrent
OS-DataOS-realtime.txt20 Seconds09/29/22 09:10:27 PDT9.8 weeksNot Current
Iconicon.jpg10 Minutes12/07/22 05:01:23 PST6.7 minCurrent
Tempvws1771.jpg10 Minutes09/29/22 09:10:45 PDT9.8 weeksNot Current
Humvws740.jpg10 Minutes09/29/22 09:10:45 PDT9.8 weeksNot Current
Cron IRMapwest_ir0.jpg60 Minutes09/29/22 09:10:42 PDT9.8 weeksNot Current
Cron USMapUS_ir1.jpg60 Minutes09/29/22 09:10:42 PDT9.8 weeksNot Current
Cron SWLTGwasp1.jpg11 Minutes09/29/22 09:10:43 PDT9.8 weeksNot Current
Cron NatLTGN_lightning0.gif11 Minutes12/07/22 05:00:04 PST8.0 minCurrent
Cron ONIElNino.txt24 Hours12/04/22 16:00:05 PST2.5 daysNot Current
Cron reallogrealtime.log60 Seconds12/07/22 05:08:02 PST2 secCurrent
Cron realbakrealtimelog.bak30 Days12/04/22 16:02:02 PST2.5 daysCurrent
Cron Cam1webcam1.jpg2 Minutes12/07/22 05:07:04 PST1.0 minCurrent
Foresthill Weather Equipment Status
Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus Sensor Contact: Established
Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus Console Battery:   4.43v
TX Battery Status: 1 - Good Condition
2 - Good Condition
3 - Good Condition
4 - Good Condition
Station system up for: 138 days 10 hours
System Error: ERRORS
latest error logged: 12/6/2022 - 4:05-AM
FTP Connect Timeout
Cumulus up for: 68 days 20 hours
Station Memory Status: 7810/15316 MB (free/total)
Disk Status: Free space on disk - 65.4 GB
Total Size of disk - 119.14 GB
Temp-B: 56.7°F
Hum-B: 46%
Temp-W1: 76.3°F
Hum-W1: 48%
Temp-A2: 75.4°F
Hum-A2: 42%
Temp-O3: 75.9°F
Hum-O3: 51%
Temp-M4: 75.7°F
Hum-M4: 35%
Temp-S5: 0.0°F
Hum-S5: 0%
High Temp-B: 57.7°F(12:00am)
High Hum-B: 47%(12:00am)
High Temp-W1: -°F(-)
High Hum-W1: -%(-)
High Temp-A2: -°F(-)
High Hum-A2: -%(-)
High Temp-O3: -°F(-)
High Hum-O3: -%(-)
High Temp-M4: -°F(-)
High Hum-M4: -%(-)
High Temp-S5: -500.0°F()
High Hum-S5: 0%()
Low Temp-B: 56.7°F(4:27am)
Low Hum-B: 46%(2:10am)
Low Temp-W1: -°F(-)
Low Hum-W1: -%(-)
Low Temp-A2: -°F(-)
Low Hum-A2: -%(-)
Low Temp-O3: -°F(-)
Low Hum-O3: -%(-)
Low Temp-M4: -°F(-)
Low Hum-M4: -%(-)
Low Temp-S5: 999.0°F()
Low Hum-S5: 100%()

DL Current Stats
Updated: Monday, 25th of June 2018 at 9:47:56am
( Updated  sec ago )
Temperature1: 61.9°F
Temperature2: 70.0°F
Temperature3: 59.4°F
In Temperature: 73.9°F
Dew Point1: 32.0°F
Dew Point2: 48.2°F
Dew Point3: 46.4°F
Dew Point: N/A
Humidity1: 16%
Humidity2: 45%
Humidity3: 65%
In Humidity: 34%
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