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The man behind the weather station

The Antenna Company at work      This website was created because of the business that I have (The Antenna Company). The Antenna Company is a tower rigging company I started in 1978. It consists of installing and working on communications towers. The towers range in heights from a few feet to 2,000 feet above the ground. These towers can be located on the highest peaks, to the coast at sea level. Therefore, knowing the weather has always been very important. I've owned a weather station for many years but, have only been online since June of 2007
      The experience of building this website with no prior experience has been an incredible challenge.
      This is a short documentary of my crew and myself filmed and produced by my son Joseph Dondelinger


Station Equipment

  • Weather Station: Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus Wireless
  • The station has two temperature and Humidity probes, One is six feet above ground the other is 115 feet above ground.
  • Software: Cumulus v1.9.3 (1059)
  • Software: Ambient Weather VWS v14.00
  • Software: Weather-Display (10.37S-(b58))
  • Virtual VP software
  • WeatherFlash
  • Operating System: Windows Vista
  • Weather Computer: Dell Inspiron 530
    Intel(R) Core(TM) Duo Cpu E7300 @ 2.66GHz 2.67GHz
    Memory (RAM): 4.00 GB
    System type: 64-bit Operating System
  • NOAA Radio Equipment: Uniden BC 780 XLT
  • The Weather Computer is backed up with 500 AMP. HRS. of batteries. The internet equipment is backed up with 120 AMP. HRS. of batteries.



powered by Cumulus v1.9.3 (1059)
Ambient Weather VWS v14.00
Weather-Display (10.37S-(b58))
Virtual VP software
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